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Míchova skála


Míchova skála (Mícha’s Rock)


Míchova skála (Mícha’s Rock) is the heart of the geopark and a favourite tourist destination. You  je srdce geoparku a oblíbený turistický cíl. You can find it close to the Velký pařezitý pond.


Telč podzemí




You will learn everything there is to know about the mining and processing of granite in the Mrákotin stone-cutting museum. In Telč, you can explore 150 m of underground tunnels under the city square.



Štamberk and the rocky sea

You can climb to the ruined castle from the villages of Řásná or Lhotka. You will also find a flooded quarry and look-out nearby.



Photos from the geopark

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We’re preparing for you

  • Štamberk

  • We are conducting archeological research and the remediation of preserved walls. In 2021 we will build a unique shelter for tourist.

  • Geoexhibit

  • New exhibits, an experiential trail for children and tourist landing by the Roštejn preserve. Coming in Autumn 2020.

  • Nature trails

  • New nature trails in Nová Říše, Mrákotín and Štamberk.



  • Excursions and trips

  • Excursions and school trips tailored for your children or your school.



Who manages the geopark


Visit the nature under Javořice and write me what you liked and what you would like to see.


Idea maker and one of the co-creators of the new geopark conception.
I just like thinking of new ideas on how to show people that even stones can be fun.


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