Štamberk and the rocky sea


The ruins of Štamberk Castle can be found between the villages of Lhotka and Řásná, from where you can take a short ascent across the rocky seas.

Only 200 m from the ruins you will find a flooded quarry Řásná, which should not be missing in your photo album.

In the immediate vicinity there is also a mountaineering area. A list of possible routes can you find here.

More info about Štamberk can be found on Wikipedia.


The view of Řásná is worth a visit.


Archaeological research is currently underway at the ruin, which is still freely accessible. In 2021, a new educational trail will be created here, which will connect information about the geology of the local granite and the ancient historical settlement. We will also build here a tourist shelter, in which you can hide from the rain.


Lom Řásná

Quarry Řásná 200 m from the ruins