About the Geopark

Region of stone-cutters –  this is the Vysočina National Park.


Granite and granite quarries are everywhere. It belongs to our landscape and culture. You can notice the stone-cutting tradition on every corner.

We have granite sidewalks, fences, bridges and houses. Artworks made of granite from Mrákotín can be found all over the country, for example at the Prague Castle.

Lom ŘásnáŘásná Quarry


The Geopark is a paradise for water scavenger beetles. In the vicinity of Telč you will find over 100 peat-bogs and ponds where you can swim.

Velký Pařezitý rybník Velký Pařezitý pond


The highest mountain of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands Javořice (837 m above sea level) lies also in the Geopark.

Míchova skála, Roštejn Castle, the ruins of Štamberk and the Museum of Stone-cutting in Mrákotín are worth a visit.

Do you want to relax in the nature and find out what you didn’t know about granite and peat bogs? You are in the right place!

Míchova skála (Mícha’s rock)